Dear Anna,


We wanted to thank you for the series of Public Speaking & Leadership classes for high-school and middle-school kids (aka "Junior Toastmasters"), which our sons Artem and Daniel attended in Spring 2016 at the Intellect Factory in Lake Forest. 


Artem is now in his senior year at high school and your class gave him a real boost in terms of confidence and self-esteem. Inspired by the class, he started a debate club at his school this Fall, delivered more effective speeches at the Model UN club competitions where he won several awards, improved his current GPA, and wrote a very strong essay for his college application.


Daniel is currently in 7th grade. When he started attending the public speaking classes, he was a shy kid and not a very effective communicator. By the end of the class we noticed clear improvement in his speaking skills and the quality of his arguments. He was able to overcome his fear of speaking and can now talk in various settings and defend his point of view. Daniel also finished his last school year with all A's.


This was a very useful class for our kids and we would recommend it to other parents without reservation.


Thank you,


Dear Anna, on behalf of all parents - I want to thank you first and foremost for the relentless drive to educate our children and in doing so, making a lasting impact on their future. Thank you for making it fun for them!


Daniel is definitely interested in taking the next step, which is the Gavel Club. Importantly - for the parents - as I recently found out from attending a "Be Prepared for College" session at Daniel's high school - colleges not only are looking for extra-curricular activities (such as Toastmasters) - the recent trend is to look for leadership, such as organizing/founding/setting up various charities and organizations - which founding Gavel Club would definitely be the "cherry on the top" in this instance...


Thank you all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




After taking the class, I can say that my daughter started to show initiative.

She gain an understanding about the need to plan and how to prioritize. I can see it in her habits with her homework. She does it right after school now and no longer leaves it "for later". During summer children's camp, I saw how good my child knows how to be a part of the team and work together. Her team was working on the STEM project. She knew how to delegate the roles and  share responsibilities.  My daughter also  took  a shy team member under her wings and helped her with her duties.

Our greatest accomplishment was the understanding that mistakes are ok. My child is a perfectionist, and every mistake-was as a stumbling block. Now after addressing mistakes the class by Anna, she gladly tells us what discoveries were made by errors and comes up with the ways to make mistakes work.

We love this class! Anna is a terrific teacher, knows how to convey to children complicated topics/issues  which we, parents have difficulties with! And most importantly, kids are enjoying the class and love the teacher. Thank you very much, Anna! We love you very much!


I really like that different topics discussed during the classes, especially the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, opened the door to conversations about the situation that in another case, we wouldn't be discussed or maybe not even brought up.


One example was especially memorable - bullying or teasing at school. I was not sure how to respond to my son when he told me that the girl laughed at him in school. I was pleasantly supposed when he didn’t want my advice, and had his own answers. He told me that he just ignored her and continued to do what he was doing. When I asked him where he learned such response, he said in a Leadership Class.

I am grateful that this class gave my son the tools to handle bulling.


Another example I have is about the 7th habit. I teach my kids to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and  study at school. The same concept was covered during the Leadership Class and confirmed/backed  my teachings up and helped my son to perceive my rules positively.

Thanks Anna for such interesting and enlightening class!


Anna, thank you very much for your class. Children derive positive and unforgettable experience, as well as acquire a very valuable knowledge and skills in public speaking and listening.  We look forward to your meetings. With kind regards.


Thank you so much for your amazing class! As a parents we all had noticed great improvement and progress in our kids. All your students had demonstrated their best public speaking qualities and skills acquired during your classes. We appreciate your professionalism and dedication! Looking forward to meeting with you soon. Thank you,