Speech Competition

At Project Be You, we promote growth, mindset, and emphasizing the benefit of the process of learning vs the result (i.e. winning or losing). Our students are given an opportunity to focus on learning the skills regardless of the outcome. We want them to be willing to try new things without the fear of failure being the focus. The main focus should be on the process and not the result.

At the Cogito Debate in Irvine on November 16th, 2019, our students had the opportunity to do just that. They stepped outside of their comfort zones once again, a recurring theme we present to our students. While for some it was not their first rodeo, for others, it was a whole new adventure. Similarly to the Business Fair, none of our students died trying out this new experience. While it may have been a little scary, it was also quite fun stepping outside the bubble.

As a team, we showed up for each other and tried to make it easier for those that were scared about trying out the impromptu speeches for the first time. Our students were given a prompt and had to give a response off the cuff with no preparation time at all. It was a challenge, but it was a challenge that we faced head-on as a team.

Participating in the Speech Competition at this stage was not about winning for our students just yet. The most important part about participating was trying out something new, stepping out of the comfort zones we’ve created, and jumping into a world of new things. We pushed our students to get out there and use their critical thinking skills to improvise a response on the spot. This also utilizes their effective communication skills, something we have been working on in order to get to this stage at the Speech Competition.

Our students continue to step outside of their comfort zones and try out new experiences. We instill in them that this is the path to success. Without trying, there is no doing.

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