My students are published authors!

Our perfectly imperfect book project empowered my students to try something new and just go for it! And because of their efforts, they get to say they wrote books of their very own.

When we started this project, it wasn’t about perfection or making this the most ‘perfect,’ pretty book. I wanted my students to just get something started with their ideas. I wanted them to jump right into this project and give it a go.

My students ran with their ideas and learned how to mange a project of their own. They learned real life skills such a good work ethic, how to manage a plan, and so much more!

This project showed my students they could do anything if they just give it a try. I could see the excitement and happiness in their faces as their projects came to life. When they held their finished books, they knew they’d accomplished something big. One of my students said that if she knew that their books would’ve been this big, she would have tried even harder.

This project was the perfect lesson for my students. They learned what they could really do by just doing it! By putting in their best efforts on the first try, they saw just what they were capable of. You really never know where your efforts can take you.

Just by getting out there and trying something new, maybe you can accomplish something you never in a million years thought you could!

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