Young Students will be able to:

Learn self-reflection.

Communicate about their own feelings and able to self-regulate.

Understand feelings of others and act accordingly.


 Produce positive “self-talk”.

Use their 21 Century Skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking effectively according to their situation and surroundings.

Objective: Real life skills development

This course is all about real life soft skills. Through STEM projects and self-discovery, the students develop skills necessary for them to succeed in the world outside their classrooms.

We will focus on valuable skills such as communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, anger management, emotional intelligence, goal settings, time management, and problem solving.

This course encourages a Growth Mindset and a safe place to “make mistakes” and utilizes a project-based learning curriculum. This means that emotions will be “touched, seen, and experimented with” for the discoveries that stick with students and stimulate future accomplishments.


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