Our Perfectly Imperfect Book Project

We are proud to introduce our Perfectly Imperfect Book Project to you. This project was not about creating a perfect book, but about expressing ourselves using our words, sharing our stories and lessons learned from life with you, our audience. 


We hope that our stories will spread joy, awareness, and contribute to the love of reading and creating for kids of all ages. 


Your support will make a difference and contribute to the building girls' self esteem and confidence.


Thank you :).


Anna Scoby


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"BLOOD MOON" by Jaclyn Scoby

Jaclyn is finishing up 3rd grade. She is an excellent reader and enjoys agood mystery. Her creativity really shines when she sketches or does one of her beautiful painting. When outdoors she loves to horseback ride or go on walks with her dog. Jaclyn can be shy but is very loyal and loving to her friends and family. Her favorite color is black and is not a fan of pink.

Price: $20


Anna Maria is an energetic girl from Southern California, who goes by Anya. She speaks Russian and English, likes to draw, sing and play video games. She's kind and loving, and has a creative approach to life. She likes to visit new places and try new things. Anya loves the color blue, wolves, and dragons. Her favorite book is Dealing With Dragins by Patricia C. Wrede. Just like Little Mushroom, she hopes to visit Tokyo, Japan one day.

Price: $20

"MY FAVORITE RECIPES" by Elizabeth Reznik

Elizabeth Reznik is 8 years old and has passion for cooking. She enjoys cooking with her mom. Sometimes the recipes turn out great sometimes they do not but this does not stop her for trying to create different dishes. Elizabeth hopes you will enjoy these best and most favorite recipes at your home.

Price: $20

"DRAGON WORLD" by Lalita Lailo

Lalita is 10 years old. She is very curious and creative. In her free time, she always creates and construct something. She dreams of becoming a great architect. Lalita is an excellent reader. She enjoys skiing and loves the paddle board in summer. She loves an activities: cycling, walking, hiking... She wants to learn how to surf. She loves dogs, dreams of having a puppy.

Price: $20

"1ST GRADE FOR THE TEN SEEDS" by Michelle Hill

Michelle is a bright girl, who loves to create! Whether its a DIY project or painting on the cardboard, puzzles or knitting with grandma - she enjoys it all. Please welcome her new creation - a book that she put together with a help of her amazingly creative teacher Ms. Anna Scoby.

Price: $20

"CHIPPY'S ADOPTION STORY" by Michelle Markin

Michelle is a third grader. She knows everybody at school and everybody knows her. A sweet girl with golden curls always wearing something pink. She is pretty good at singing and like dancing and ice skating. She is very busy and very grown up, or so she thinks. She constantly argues with her brother and endlessly loves her brown puppy. You can see her riding her pink scooter around the neighborhood on a warm summer afternoon. If you see her, just say hi, she will be happy.

Price: $20

"THE KIND BEAR" by Valerie Sun

Valerie Sun is a student studying in south Orange Country. She has earned many academic awards throughout school years. She also loves to volunteer community activities. Outside of school, she enjoys painting and drawing, There are quite a few hangs on the walls throughout her home. She also likes to explore virtual words in a vdeo game called Roblox.

Price: $20


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