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Create resources for teaching kids real life skills.

Traditional schools provide an education that focuses mainly on academics. We add education of the heart and mind using real life skills. Our resources teach kids soft skills.


Our resources are not only needed, they are imperative for the success of future entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and all the dreams waiting to blossom in the hearts of children everywhere! Your pledge to support to us, is a pledge to support a child’s dream. It’s time to get serious about promoting kids’ wellbeing. It starts here! It starts with you!

The resources create an environment to cultivate social emotional learning and inspire creativity. Students lean to express themselves, share ideas, work together, contribute to the community, listen to each other and much more. These skills are necessary for a satisfying and prosperous career, and interpersonal relationships for their future.

The best part, all the skills are put to the “test” in real life. Our students polish their communication skills at speech competitions; create business plans and present their ideas during kids’ business fairs; participate in the community projects to share their creativity and give back by volunteering at the charity events.

We are empowering youth to feel confident, by teaching them how to understand themselves and the people around them.


The 21st century job market, requires 21st century soft skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Our resources prepare youth for "adulting", setting them up for "Success through Communications".


Communication and emotional intelligence are the secret sauce to making moves in future career and living a healthy lifestyle. With the mental health crisis growing, we can’t stay complacent any longer.

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Roger Love once said: “All speaking is public speaking whether it’s to one person or a thousand.”

We believe that being able to communicate is an essential element of confidence. When we can express ourselves, we feel comfortable; when we are clear in our message and are understood, we are empowered. When we feel secure in our ability to communicate, our self-esteem and self-worth increases in response.

Public speaking builds your child’s confidence and with that comes a promise for their better future.

Warren Buffet once said, “Public speaking skills hikes your value by 50%.”


In todays world, emotional intelligence is more important than ever. It is more than just knowing how to share your feelings…

It’s being able to recognize strengths, self-discipline, setting goals, stress management, organization skills, perspective taking, collaboration, self-reflection, problem solving, and so much more. You might have noticed how the skills mentioned are ones that you (as adults) use in your workday and in interpersonal relationships.


These skills are like muscles and can actually be developed through practice and self-reflection.

How Soft Skills look like



  • academic achievement

  • collaboration

  • able to concentrate

  • confidence sharing thoughts

  • cooperative play

  • able to regulatre thier own behavior

  • friendship building

  • standing up to bullies & peer pressure

At Home

Child's Inner World

  • closer connection to family

  • able to share feelings and thoughts with ease

  • understanding and accepting of others (empathy)

  • high self-confidence & self-esteem

  • emotionally mature

  • more self-control